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Selected Bibliography - Last Updated: 12/98


This bibliography presents a selection of the ARF library materials on the topic of problem drinking. Please consult your workplace/community libraries and information services to obtain these materials.


What is Problem Drinking? It's when drinking begins to interfere with your life. Some examples are: being repeatedly late for work; getting lower grades at school; having arguments with family or friends; developing health concerns; being charged with impaired driving. Comment définir la consommation abusive d'alcool? C'est lorsque votre consommation d'alcool commence à nuire à votre vie. Cela peut se manifester par: des retards fréquents au travail; des échecs à l'école; des discussions avec la famille ou les amis; des problèmes de santé; une accusation de conduite en état d'ébriété.

from/de Dealing with Drinking: How to Quit or Cut Down/Votre Consommation d'alcool: Comment l'arrêter ou la modérer. Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation, 1996; pamphlet.

For information on where problem drinking fits into the continuum of risk for alcohol problems, read:
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