"What we actually accomplished at Smithers, 1990 - 1998" - by Alex DeLuca. Document prepared for new incoming administration so they would know what we were about so as not to ruin us. So, do you think it worked?

"Current grant funding and grant submissions as of my termination from Smithers 7/10/2000" - the ideas and infrastructure, outlined in the previous document, bear real fruit. Hospital fires chief of innovative and effective unit that had bootstrapped a profitable research center within a working treatment center. Don't try to understand.

"Abstinence vs. Harm Reduction: a False Dichotomy" - by Alexander DeLuca. An article submitted to New York Times Op-Ed page circa 8/2000 and not published there, alas.

The above were all referenced at our lunch. There is one more document, a proposal from me to new admin begging they protect us as a "special corporate program" reporting directly to Admin, rather than put us in Psych dept. Failed again.

The following may be of interest [ though 12-Steps-Back was probably enough :-) ]

"Sudden Exit as Clinic Chief Sends Addiction Specialist Reeling" - by Robin Finn, New York Times 'Public Profiles' column, about me. Not entirely flattering (she refers to me as an "addled, idled, addiction specialist"), but accurate enough. Also, really nice picture of me! :-)

"Is Smithers using "moderation management" in inpatient treatment?" - by Alex DeLuca. This was an Ask-A-Doc question that I answered 7/9/00 after returning from a week of vacation. This is what I sent to ADD_MED via Terry Rustin. I was fired the following day.

"Smithers brouhaha" - Anne Geller and LeClair Bissell come to my defense on the ADD_MED listserv, 7/13/2000. Two sentences from this post:
Last line: "In your attacks on DeLuca you ... behaved like a bunch of religious fanatics with Satan in sight. Shame on you."   Thank you, Anne. Thank you LeClair. 
Favorite line: "
It is enormously depressing to us, both now in retirement, to witness the same mindless zealotry that so beset our field 30 years ago again raise its head to make us a laughing stock in the medical scientific community."

"Confusing the means with the ends" - Fred Rotgers, 7/14/2000. Really just a brief memo to me Re: references supporting the offering of moderation to some problem drinkers, but I very much like the way he characterizes AA, controlled drinking, abstinence, naltrexone, MM, etc as means that we tend to confuse with the ends, a happier, more joyful, more productive existence. Fred's favorite harm reduction references included.