Alexander F. DeLuca, M.D., FASAM

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TO: Sigurd Ackerman, M.D., President and CEO

Wendy Goldstein, COO

1000 10th Avenue

St. Lukeís/Roosevelt Hospital Center

New York, NY10019


CC:††† Stephen Reibel, M.D., Acting Chair, Department of Psychiatry

David Engle, Esq., General Counsel


Dear Sirs and Madam:

Dr. Reibel has requested that I submit my resignation as Chief and Medical Director of the Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center and as Head of the Division of Substance Abuse Services of the Department of Psychiatry, St. Lukeís/Roosevelt Hospital Center, a position I have held successfully for the past two years. While the basic reasons for his request have not been entirely explained to me, it appears that the request is founded on two purported facts, neither of which is correct.

1)  That I changed the Smithers program without notifying my superiors, and

2)  That I granted an unauthorized interview to Maia Szalavitz who wrote an article that appeared in the July 10th, 2000 edition of New York Magazine.

Both of these are incorrect. I did report the requested interview to the Administration and received permission. I have not changed the program, except as reported to my superiors in writing over the past several years, and in weekly meetings with the acting Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and the senior administrator of that Department, Elizabeth Moore. In fact, as the Hospital Administration is well aware, the Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center has been the recipient of several major federal grants including funding to study the effect of Group Motivational Interviewing, a specifically non-abstinence-oriented therapy. The Department and the Hospital approved of these grants and they have accepted, as far as I know, the funds flowing to the Hospital from these studies.

In accordance with Dr. Reibelís request, I herewith am submitting my resignation as Chief and Medical Director of the Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center effective immediately. I will commence over the next several weeks, in accordance with my professional responsibilities, an orderly transition as regards patient care and my duties to my staff.

In this interim period, I have asked my Attorney, John J. Stanton, to discuss with your General Counsel this entire situation. I would, of course, be happy to discuss this matter with Ms. Goldstein and Dr. Ackerman should they wish that.



Alexander F. DeLuca, M.D.