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The War on Drugs Kills Again - Personal reflections on the current "Rave" experience and the media attack on young drug users 35 years ago

Alexander DeLuca, M.D.

I am being interviewed on CBS tomorrow about "Ecstasy" - 5
minutes - accompanied (chaperoned??) by public relations.

And since exactly zero patients have ever come to me requesting help
with Ecstasy, I went on the Web and poked around a little. And it
brought me back 35 years to when I was a 14, 15 years old, taking LSD
regularly (several times a month), worried sick about chromosomal
damage, brain damage, and not trusting one damn thing I heard on TV or
from any MD (they call us MDicks in the chat rooms) and these children are
asking each other: "If I take Prozac 20 mg 4 hours after I 'roll' will
that protect me from brain damage?" And one girl writing "help, my
boyfriend stopped using X and now he depressed and sometimes violent -
I don't want to leave him, what do I do" and I've been taking 'red
tulips' every other day for a week and I think I had a seizure, what
do I do." and so on, and so on. And these children are helping each
other, or trying to. There are a few people online who claim to be
'docs' using names like: "raverdoc" and "drtom" and the kids listen to
them and they say reasonable things like: try not to use it any more
than every other weekend" and "higher doses don't get you higher" and
"you must TEST every pill - beware of PMA ?, etc. etc."

And it brought me back to my teenage years. Only difference is, we didn't
have the net - I used sources like the Whole Earth Catalog, and the
BooHoo Bible (Arthur Kelps and the Neo-American Church -
contemporary of Leary's at Millbrook) to try and get information untainted
by the anti-drug propaganda machine. And I was scared, a lot.

So why did I keep taking it? Because I honestly thought it was going to help
me become a better person -- I thought the revolution was coming and
experience with hallucinogens would help me help others when we
poisoned the water supply with LSD to topple 'Amerika' -- hell, I was
14, 15, 16, in way over my head, and because they were illegal,
traditional researchers stayed away - there is no career in researching illegal
 drugs. So you ended up reading well meaning kooks like Dr. John Lilly
(Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.) And the
last person I would ever have gone to for help was an adult, especially a

It's breaking my heart.

It's the same old, same old. If we didn't made it illegal, and
instead said, "Jeez, all these kids are taking this stuff and we don't
know if its even safe" and quietly started doing the damn research,
ARE  ASKING by now.

See, the "this is your brain on drugs ads" simply taught me that 'they lie'
- you lied to me about marijuana, so I'm not listening to what you say about
cocaine. (and Alex spends eight years barely surviving  three IV coke binges a
week - gets Hep C -and by the Grace of God, is spared HIV.)


I am very angry. This sort of garbage almost killed me.

These children should be calling us addiction medicine doctors for help! The
Smithers College Outreach Program  is so important - Anne, you've got to get
these kids in here! They are having seizures, taking too many drugs way too often,
yet they are desperate for info that we could give them!

It's 35 f**king years later, and I'm watching it happen all over again.
<I weep for us all, but mostly for myself>.

I wrote a story in my freshman year of college - a sci-fi story about a culture that
actually did love their children, and when the kids all started using a new drug, the
society quickly and quietly devoted resources to learning everything they could as
quickly as they could, because the new substance maybe really was dangerous and
by understanding it, they might be prevent harm to their children.

Like I said, Science Fiction; another world, not this one.


Alexander DeLuca, M.D., FASAM.
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