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'It wasn’t too long ago that when you said something like, "Dr. Jones detox'es people," everyone understood that the good doctor worked in an inpatient unit, probably in a hospital. Nowadays Jones might be doing detoxification in his private office, in a clinic setting, in a low-intensity inpatient setting (for ex: a rehab), or in the old acute-care hospital detox ward, if it still exists.'

[from "Is Outpatient Detox a Good Idea?" in the Smithers Addiction Newsletter, Vol 1, No 1]

Having a full range of low intensity outpatient to high-intensity inpatient services allows Smithers Treatment Center the ability to move patients into less restrictive environments as his or her condition stabilizes.

In the evaluation phase, patients can be observed over time in order to assess severity and response to initial treatment. Patients meeting criteria for outpatient detoxification but who, for social or psychiatric reasons, are not candidates for significant quantities of take-home medication can be cared for in a day-hospital setting  on our rehab unit. Patients in severe withdrawal on presentation, or those with complicated medical or psychiatric histories, might be admitted to acute inpatient service initially, but once stabilized, could finish his/her detox regimen as an outpatient.;

Inpatient detoxification at Smithers takes place in two distinct settings:

  1. Patients who have significant and acute medical or psychiatric problems, or those at risk for severe withdrawal, are treated on our acute hospital unit at St. Luke's Hospital;
  2. Patient's without major medical and psych complications and who are at risk of only moderate-to-mild withdrawal are detoxified on our subacute rehab unit at Roosevelt Hospital if, for psychological or social reasons, they are not candidates for outpatient detox.

It is important to remember, especially when discussing inpatient services, that detoxification by itself almost never results in long lasting abstinence or significant improvement. Detox is never the solution, nor is it usually difficult to accomplish.

Engagement, Motivation, Assessment, Referral

This should be the mantra of clinicians involved in detoxification programs! We try to use the time that detoxification affords us to make contact with people, to use brief therapies devoted to motivation, and to get the 'bio-psycho-social' assessment completed. By the time the detox is complete, 

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