Outpatient Detoxification Services

The outpatient detoxification process is straightforward. Patients are seen daily by the nurse for vital signs and alcohol/drug screening, and by the physician who reviews any symptoms of withdrawal or overmedication, and any problems the patient might be having with the detoxification procedure. Only enough medication is prescribed to get the patient back to the next visit eliminating risk of serious overdose on detox medications. Patient’s are given a phone number through which they can reach a Smithers physician 24 hours a day. As the detoxification progresses, the patient completes the biopsychosocial evaluation and begins to attend groups designed to assess and enhance motivation. Individual counseling beyond that provided daily by the physician is available if necessary. Generally this detoxification and engagement period can be accomplished in three to ten days depending on the substance(s) involved and the severity of the case.

Issues of patient safety and clinical experience

We have been doing outpatient detoxification as a routine procedure for over four years at Smithers, longer than most other substance abuse treatment facilities in this area, and have honed our service by studying outcomes and adjusting treatments and procedures accordingly. We have had no major medical or psychiatric complications, and our completion rates rival those reported by the best research. Our detoxification procedures are designed and overseen by Dr. Alexander DeLuca, Chief and Medical Director of Smithers. Dr. DeLuca is the Chairperson of the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Certification Review Course. He is also a consultant to the State of New York’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and has helped the State write regulations for outpatient detoxification and teaches medical aspects of withdrawal and detoxification in the State mandated licensure course.

Expert detoxification is about more than the prevention of medical and psychiatric complications. It is the provision of non-judgmental, compassionate medical care. It is the reassurance of patients who are frightened and ashamed. It is the engagement of patients in a process of recovery that can spare them decades of pain and misery.

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