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Annotated LINKs-Library and Web Resource Directory
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Compiled by Alexander DeLuca, M.D.: 1999 - 2004. Most recently revised: 2007-12-14
Annotated listings of useful and interesting web sites have been grouped into the following topical collections:
Abstinence vs. Moderation / Harm Reduction / Prohibition / 'Great Debate' LINKS
War on Drugs / War on Doctors / Pain Crisis LINKS
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Reciprocal Links (I have not reviewed the content of these sites):

Complementary Medicine Certification
A non-profit institution approved for degree-granting status offers Complementary Medicine Certification in the world's foremost natural forms of medicine and ancient healing arts.
Real Estate Lock Box
Find a perfect real estate lock box for real estate agents. They allow you to keep your listings secure.
DownTown Publishing and Sign Co.
Not sure what all the people at DownTown are all about, but their anti drug war heart is in the right place.
United health care
Heal your mind, body and soul through elite by united health care treatment for all kind of bad habits / disease. We do provide treatment for anger management as well.

FITC antibodies
Academy Bio-Medical Co. specializes in Human Lipoproteins, Apolipoproteins and Polyclonal Antibodies. Under Polyclonal Antibodies, we offer FITC conjugated antibodies that includes Human Apolipoprotein and Oxidation Products. Visit us for high-quality affordable anti-bodies for research.


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