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Overview of Harm Reduction Treatments for Alcohol Problems

Katie Witkiewitza, and G. Alan Marlatt
; International Journal of Drug Policy (IJDP); 17(4); 285-294;  July 2006. Posted: 2006-09-01; Modified: 2006-09-01.

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As evidenced by the tremendous range of scholarly articles included in this special issue [International Journal of Drug Policy; 17(4); 2006], it is readily apparent that harm reduction is more than a theory, treatment approach, or policy. Rather, harm reduction is an orientation and belief system that has widespread empirical support as a means to improve the lives and functioning of individuals who use and abuse alcohol.

In this article, we review recent empirical articles and scholarly reviews of harm reduction treatments for alcohol abuse and dependence. We focus this review on peer-reviewed articles published in the last 3 years, with a particular emphasis on interventions designed to reduce alcohol-related harm, including overall levels of consumption and alcohol-related problems. We conclude with a section on books, Web sites, and training and treatment centres devoted to harm reduction psychotherapy.

Keywords: Alcohol harm reduction; Moderation-based treatment; Behavioural treatment interventions; Pharmacological interventions; Harm reduction psychotherapy

[Full Text of this Article in Adobe PDF format]



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Originally posted: 2006-09-01

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