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Abstinence vs. Moderation; The 'Great Debate;' Prohibition; Harm Reduction
Compiled by Alexander DeLuca, M.D. 1999 - 2005.   Most recently revised: 2007-10-26.
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Drinking Again
Note: an active group, averaging 145 posts a day over the first 9 months of 2007. Excellent Links page, too.)
"This is a group for former Alcoholics Anonymous members (AA's) who have returned to social drinking. We do not support breaking abstinence. We simply want a place on the web to discuss our new situation... 

"Other Yahoo groups of ex-AA's are about maintaining abstinence while dealing with bad 12 Step experiences. There's also Moderation Management, problem drinkers practicing moderation, but most never were in AA. Our new situation is unique and, indeed, "baffling," but we can't talk to our AA friends without eliciting alarmist responses."

"Providing rational, research-based evaluation and treatment for people concerned about their alcohol/drug use."
Frederick Rotgers, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist, NJSI01969
Manasquan, NJ

* Link added: 10/25/2004*

Addiction Science Research & Education Center
Directed by Dr. Carlton Erickson, the site contains descriptions of available seminars but also has good, authoritative information available online in the "Facts to Share" sections. Highly recommended.

* Link added: 10/25/2004* 

Alcohol, Chemistry and You
Dr. Bill Boggan
One part of the larger "General Chemistry Case Studies" series at: [http://www.chemcases.com/]

"ChemCases.com is a web-based resource of curriculum supplements for teaching the second semester general chemistry course. Each case study features a number of the basic principles covered in a traditional general chemistry curriculum. We use these concepts to address the decisions that influence development of successful consumer, agricultural and pharmaceutical products."

This site is a real gem, and my thanks to Bev on the Moderation Management listServ for bringing it to my attention. One might not think of a college chemistry website as a place to start to understand one's own relationship with alcohol, but the content is excellent, the presentation orderly and pleasant, and it is somehow quite brief, but also quite thorough. Give this site a look. Recommended.

* Link added: 11/22/2004*

The Alliance Project

This is a quiet giant of a project: "The Alliance Project is an effort by a broad cross-section of organizations that share common concerns about the devastating disease of alcohol and drug addiction and the dramatic lack of proper public response to this growing health crisis."
* Link added: 1/9/2005*


"DrinkWise is a brief, confidential educational program that helps you eliminate drinking problems by reducing your drinking or stopping altogether.
You decide which is better for you: moderation or abstinence... DrinkWise is based on over 20 years of clinical research conducted at the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto, Ontario. It has demonstrated its ability to help people cut down or stop drinking altogether, reducing consumption by approximately 65%."

DrinkWise has quietly been implementing a rational,  moderation-friendly, research-based approach incorporating principles of harm reduction, motivational enhancement, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. DrinkWise is a quality shop, in my opinion, with an excellent reputation and many years of experience. It is not free, but the cost is reasonable especially in light of the quality of the product.

* Link added: 1/9/2005*

Harm Reduction Coalition  
"The Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC) is committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional, and national harm reduction education, interventions, and community organizing. HRC fosters alternative models to conventional health and human services and drug treatment; challenges traditional client/provider relationships; and provides resources, educational materials, and support to health professionals and drug users in their communities to address drug-related harm."

NYC office:
212-213-6376; hrc@harmreduction.org
Oakland/SF Bay Area Office: 510-444-6969; hrcwest@harmreduction.org 

* Link added: 10/25/2004*

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy and Training Associates

"Harm Reduction
is a treatment approach which views the reduction of harm as a legitimate goal for substance users. Our organization provides substance abuse counseling as well as harm reduction training for therapists and counselors who want to learn this liberating approach to treatment."

For more information:  HRPTA brochure (PDF)
For referral to one of the centers therapists: 1-888-227-7542;
Andrew Tartarsky, biography
Co-directors Tartarsky and Sehl, both Ph.D.'s, have been dedicated to the development and application of harm reduction principles for a long time. These guys literally wrote the book on Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, and Tartarsky is the current (circa 2004) Chair of the Board of Moderation Management. In my opinion, these are skilled therapists and teachers, and good people. 

* Link added: 10/25/2004*

Live Sensibly with Alcohol
by Steve Bose, host, aggregator, and webmaster

"Iím not writing this website because Iíve got answers, Iím writing because I have questions.

"I want to dig up answers to questions about drinking, culture, addictions, and experiences. The evidence gathered by experts matters to me, but so do the day-to-day lives of all of us. I want to challenge folks, myself included, to think things through, discussing and debating thoroughly.

"Iím convinced that good answers are out there, that good options are available for us to live sensible, healthy lives. I really think we can... do a better job of demystifying the passages from problematic to healthier behaviors, and valuing abstinence, moderation, and general balance."  -- Steve Bose, writer, aggregator, and webmaster.

Live.Sensibly.Org is remarkable for it's intelligence, lack of ranting, and dogged pursuit of better solutions for alcohol problems. Steve does a masterful job with the blog format, making generous use of inline hyperlinks to quality references and relevant background information. This guy understands his medium and uses it well. This site is an excellent source of information about applied Moderation Management and harm reduction science for alcohol problems, and also national alcohol and drug policy.

* Link added: 12/8/2004 *

Meditation for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

General information on alcohol withdrawal and alcoholism, and particularly interesting information on various methods of meditation and nutritional supplementation for alcohol problems.

* Link added: 10/25/2004 *

New York's Parallax Center
Parallax is an excellent outpatient treatment center in New York City offering outpatient detoxification, cognitive behavioral group therapy, and psychopharmacological treatment for early recovery.
145 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016 - (212) 779-9207  

* Link added: 1/12/2005 *

Practical Evidence-Based Internet Resources [also available in PDF format]
by Brian S. Alper, M.D. from the journal Family Practice Management; 2003; published by the American Academy of Family Physicians

"Today, several Web-based resources make [searches for quality information to support clinical decisions] quicker and easier. Five of the most useful are Clinical Evidence, DynaMed, InfoRetriever, PDxMD and UpToDate. This article will familiarize you with these resources and compare their advantages and disadvantages. "
* Link added: 1/9/2005*

Addictive Disorders - Learn more about Effects of Alcohol as well as Alcohol Facts and the truth about Alcohol Addiction

This is "Healthy Genius dot com" -- a site well worth perusing, in my opinion.


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Originally posted: 2004-10-25

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