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Hurwitz Trial Update and Call for Support

by Frank Fisher, M.D. for the Pain Relief Network; 12/4/2004. Originally posted: 12/5/2004; [].

There was a another day of testimony in the trial of Dr. Hurwitz yesterday, Friday, 12/3/2004. Dr. James Campbell from Johns Hopkins testified that Dr. Hurwitzą care of his patients fell entirely within the boundaries of the practice of medicine. Cross-examination was so brief as to be almost non-existent. It focused on medical board issues from the previous century.

A former patient of Dr. Hurwitz, who is also a retired family practitioner from Arizona testified that prior to finding Dr. Hurwitz, he could not obtain adequate care in his own state. Following years of debilitating pain, and with Dr. Hurwitzą assistance, he was able to endure a course of physical therapy that allowed him to regain the ability to walk independently. The government didnąt attempt cross-examination of this witness.

Closing arguments are anticipated for Wednesday of next week. The jury should get the case on Thursday.

-- Frank (Frank Fisher, M.D.)



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Originally posted:  12/3/2004

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