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The Drug Hang Up,
America's Fifty Year Folly

Published and Distributed throughout the World by CHARLES C THOMAS - PUBLISHER Bannerstone House 301-327 East Lawrence Avenue, Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A.; ISBN 0-398-03071-5 (paper)  - Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 75-398 1 0; First Printing, 1972, Second Printing, 1974.
Also available from:  the Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

See also:  "The Narcotics Bureau And The Harrison Act: Jailing The Healers And The Sick" by Rufus King; 1953 Yale Law Journal.
"Rufus King considered this particular piece to be "the most important thing I ever wrote"  -- Cliff Schaffer.


Table of Contents

1.     Senator Hughes' Friendly Anger

2.     From Our Pusher Ancestors to the First Prohibitionists

3.     The Sensible Century and Mr. Harrison's Tax Act

4.      Hysterical Beginnings

5.       Enforcers Versus Healers

6.       Dr. Behrman, Dr. Linder, and the High Court

7.       Dr. Ratigan's Lonely Battle

8.       Congressman Coffee and His Slender Company

9.      Mephistopheles and Pot

10.     The Weed of Madness and the Little Flower

11.     Smearing Mary Jane

12.     Balancing the Grass Account

13.    Chairman Kefauver and the Mafia Myth

14.    Lawyers, Doctors, and Senator Daniel

15.   New York, September 1955

16.  The Narcotics Control Act of 1956

17.  Follow-the-Leader in State Capitols

18.  ABA-AMA, No Match for HJA

19.  The National Institutes Symposium

20. The British and Other "Systems"

21. Proselytizing the World

22. The White House Conference, 1962-63

23. Advice from a Commission

24. Rehabilitation, from Nothing to NARA

25. Dangerous Drugs: Here We Go Again!

26. Drug-Abuse Control, 1965

27. And Now, D-Men

28. The 1970 Act: Don't Sit There, Amend Something

29. The Bad Scene Today

30. So, What's Right?

Chronology, References, Citations, and Sources Index

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Originally posted:  1/25/2003

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