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Selected Major Media on the War on Doctors and the Pain Crisis, 2005 - 2006 2007

Complied by Alexander DeLuca, M.D., MPH; Addiction, Pain, and Public Health website; 2005-12-12. Updated: 2007-05-06 ==> New!

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Selected Major Media on the War on Doctors and the Pain Crisis archives
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 New! - Good Cop, Bad Doctor
Jacob Sullum; Reason; 2007-05-02
Judge Dismisses the Most Serious Charges Against Hurwitz
John Tierney; TierneyLab blog;  New York Times; 2007-04-19
At the [Hurwitz] Trial, Pain Has a Witness
John Tierney; Findings column, New York Times, Science; 2007-04-24
Trafficker or Healer? And Who's the Victim?
John Tierney; Findings column, New York Times, Science; 2007-03-27
What's an Ethical Doctor to Do? / Instructions to Jurors
John Tierney; TierneyLab; 2007-04-23/22
Retrial of Pain Doctor Begins in Va.
Associated Press; New York Times; 2007-03-27
The Accidental Drug Trafficker
Jacob Sullum; Reason; 2006-08-30
Prescription for Pain
Editorial, Boston Globe, 2006-02-05
Unbalanced Coverage of [Hurwitz'] Successful Appeal
Maia Szalavitz, STATS, 2006-08-23
Sex, Lies and OxyContin [the Case of Dr. Rottschaefer]
John Tierney; New York Times; 2006-01-24
Conviction Overturned , Judge Erred in Jury Instructions
Jerry Markon; Washington Post; 2006-08-23
Assisted-Suicide Ruling May Affect Painkiller Cases
Marc Kaufman; Washington Post; 2006-01-22
'The Doctor Wasn't Cruel Enough' - How One Physician Escaped the Panic Over Prescription Drugs - Maia Szalavitz; Reason; 2006-06-02 Party of Pain
John Tierney; New York Times; 2006-01-21
Bitter Pills - A Tale of Sex, Drugs and Deception [the Rottschaefer Trials] - Charlie Deitch; Pittsburgh City Paper; 2006-05-25 Let's Get Serious About Chronic Pain  
Jane Brody; New York Times; 2006-01-10
Wishing Drug-Warrior Thinking
Ted Galen Carpenter; National Review; 2005-12-01
At Least 20 Years Await Convicted Doctor [Hurwitz]
Ralph Vartabedian; Los Angeles Times; 2005-04-14
Drug Enforcement Agency Stripped of Role on New Painkillers
Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, 2005-11-05
Dose Response
Jacob Sullum; Reason; 2005-04-01
Let Those Dopers Be
Norm Stamper (former Police Chief); Los Angeles Times; 2005-10-16
Sheer Torture
John Tabin; American Spectator; 2005-03-27
Prisoners of Pain
Barry Yeoman; AARP Magazine; Sept-Oct, 2005
Weighing the Difference Between Treating Pain and Dealing Drugs
Tina Rosenberg; Editorial Observer; New York Times; 2005-03-26
Painkillers Understocked in Minority Areas, Study Says
Marc Kaufman; Washington Post; page A04; 2005-10-14
Life Sentence Sought for Va. Pain Doctor William Hurwitz
Jerry Markon; Washington Post; 2005-03-09
When Treating Pain Becomes a Crime
3 LTEs respond to John Tierney Op-Editorial; New York Times; 2005-07-26
A Fight for Full Disclosure of the Possible Pain
Jane Brody; New York Times; 2005-03-08
Justice Often Served by Jury Nullification
Radley Balko; FoxNews; 2005-07-25
Minorities' Pain Often Treated Too Lightly
Sheri Hall; The Detroit News; 2005-03-03
Handcuffs and Stethoscopes
John Tierney; New York Times; Op-Editorial; 2005-07-23
When It Comes to Severe Pain, Doctors Still Have Much to Learn
Jane Brody; New York Times; 2005-02-15
Punishing Pain
John Tierney; New York Times; Op-Editorial; 2005-07-19
A New Set of Knees Comes at a Price: A Whole Lot of Pain
Jane Brody; New York Times; 2005-02-08
Why Is The DEA Hounding This Doctor?
Margot Roosevelt; Time Magazine; 2007-07-17
I Consider Cannabis My Miracle
Evelyn Nieves, Washington Post; 2005-01-30
Marijuana Pipe Dreams
John Tierney; New York Times; Op-Ed; 2005-08-28
Jailed Doc, Tortured Patient
Jane M. Orient, M.D.; United Press International; 2005-01-05
Pain Treatment Does Not Equal Drug Abuse
Scott M. Fishman, M.D.; LTE, Wall Street Journal, A11; 2005-07-28
To Patients in Legal Fight, Medical Marijuana is a Lifeline
Evelyn Nieves; Washington Post; 2005-01-03
The Doctor is Not a Criminal
Jacob Sullum; National Review; 2005-05-23
Doctors Behind Bars: Treating Pain Is Now Risky Business
Sally Satel, M.D.; New York Times, Essay; 2004-10-19

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Originally posted: 2005-12-12

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