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Christine Heberle Comments on the Acquittal of her Husband, Dr. Paul Heberle

Christine Heberle
; Pain and Social Policy listserv of the Pain Relief Network; 2006-05-28. Posted: 2006-05-30; Modified: 2006-06-03.
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TO:  The Pain and Social Policy listServ of the Pain Relief Network, and to the The Project for Pain and Chemical Dependency of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
FROM:  Christine Heberle (wife of Dr. Paul Heberle)

DATE:  2006-05-28

I would like to say that last night we (Paul Heberle's defense team) had a chance to discuss some things that occurred after the trial. One of which has never happened to any of the attorneys in the over 60 combined years of practice. Four jurors approached our attorneys after the trial to shake their hand. They were crying and wanted to thank them. It seems they had an opinion before the hearing started and the lawyers successfully prevented them from making a terrible mistake. None of the attorneys had ever seen jurist so moved by a verdict.

Dr. Fisher, Dr. Stinson, Paul, and the host of other witnesses were brilliant. They were honest and unshakeable by the prosecutors questions. Even though Paul did not know these two wonderful men (defense experts Drs. Fisher and Stinson), it was amazing how identical their testimony was when it came to treatment. Each had their own approach. Each made the prosecutor (Senior Deputy State Attorney General Doug Wright) look frustrated and out of control.

Dr. Fisher the confident physician, secure in his knowledge, and with his own axe to grind. Purely presenting to stop the injustice that the Pennsylvania Attorney General was trying to invoke on an innocent man.

Dr. Stinson, just as brilliant, and he complimented both Paul and Dr. Fisher well. No incentive or motive to help, but he did because the science justified the care. He successfully pointed out that there is a standard for treating chronic pain responsibly and the prosecution expert witness (Dr. August Mantia) fell far short of the responsible segment of the medical community.

Paul was completely confident, and testified that he did everything he could to medically care for his patients. He treated them with the respect and care that all patients deserve. He explained to the jury the reason why he took every action for each patient and he did so with the best and most current medical science backing him.

Then our attorneys (lead by John Moore and Donald Wagner) orchestrated their personalities to complement each other. The timing was perfect. In each and every witness that was brought by the defense, the facts remained the same. Not one of the witnesses were coached or rehearsed, unlike the prosecution's witnesses. Their ability to answer honestly on cross examination was effective and proved they knew what they were talking about. On the other hand, witnesses for the prosecution were constantly stumped on the stand, often self-contradicting, and seemed dishonest.

A senior Erie Times-News journalist (David Bruce) said that the trial of Paul Heberle has sent ripples through the community like nothing they have seen before. They are getting phone calls of joy and relief from chronic pain sufferers (viciously cleaved first from Dr. Klees and then from Dr. Heberle by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with help from the DEA), doctors, grateful citizens, and attorneys. Doctors are speaking out who were afraid to say anything before; likewise patients who have been undertreated or denied care. The verdict and the aftermath has overwhelmed them.

They should all be applauded for their honesty and willingness to help. Each and everyone of the above has contributed to history.

Thanks to Siobhan Reynolds and the Pain Relief Network for making the connections possible that brought our excellent defense team together, and for Siobhan's experienced counsel, and her leadership.

- Christine, 2006-05-28



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Originally posted: 2006-05-30

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