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Dr. Paul Heberle is NOT GUILTY - PRN to Call for Formal Investigation into Conduct of Drug Agents and the Attorney Generals Office

Siobhan Reynolds; Pain Relief Network Press Release; 2006-05-22. Posted: 2006-05-27
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Erie, PA- Nearly one year following his splashy perp walk courtesy of Attorney General Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, physician Paul Heberle, D. O. was cleared of all charges by an Erie jury earlier today.

Citing a lack of evidence, the jury acquitted on the 14 controlled substances charges and the 12 Medicaid fraud counts that purportedly stemmed from Heberle's "criminal" prescribing. One controlled substance charge and one Medicaid fraud charge were dropped at the beginning of the trial which began a week and a half ago.

"Initially, the case was a combined effort by the DEA and the state of Pennsylvania but the Feds pulled out when we got involved. More and more we are seeing that they only follow through on prosecutions that they are certain they are going to win," said Siobhan Reynolds, President of Pain Relief Network, the organization credited with coordinating tactical support for the defense effort.

"Without the Pain Relief Network we would have been lost," said Christine Heberle, Dr. Heberle's wife.

"It isn't going to end here," Mrs. Heberle vowed "the world must come to understand what the state of Pennsylvania did to these patients, how they covered up evidence of actual drug diversion in order to 'get' Paul... and all the other terrible things going on here. They shouldn't be allowed to just do this to these doctors and patients."

Reynolds added that PRN will be calling for a formal investigation into the agents' conduct and that of the attorneys of the Attorney General's office." Once people come to understand the degree to which this whole thing was an elaborate set up, designed it seems, to score political points, we hope that these prosecutions will be seen for what they are; government attacks on our most vulnerable population, those in severe chronic pain."

Noting that Heberle's patients' privacy was invaded in a wholesale manner simply because they took pain medications, and that patients were required to make statements to the prosecution in order to retrieve their medical charts after they had been seized, PRN vowed to expose the enormity of this systemwide misconduct. " Unfortunately, this has become standard operating procedure for our government to destroy the lives of people in pain and their doctors. No one bats an eye when it happens. In this case, Dr. Heberle was forced to abandon scores of fragile souls by officials who are entrusted with protecting the public. We know of at least 5 attempted suicides and one completed suicide as a result of this prosecution." PRN called on Senator Arlen Specter to protect these patients to no effect. "Perhaps his office will show some suitable concern now, " said Ms. Reynolds. Dr. Heberle was relieved, "This has restored my faith in the judicial system," he said.

The Heberles, their attorneys John Moore and Don Wagner, Siobhan Reynolds, Dr. Frank Fisher, and Dr. Thomas Stinson (both of whom testified for the defense) are available for interview.



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Originally posted: 2006-05-27

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