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Erie, 2006: Dr. Klees Imprisoned, Dr. Heberle Exonerated, Pain Patients Abandoned
WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS - Special Collection #10

Compiled by:
Alexander DeLuca, M.D. and the Pain Relief Network,; Addiction, Pain, & Public Health website; 2006-05-27; Modified: 2007-04-14
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New! - Vindicated Doctor Returns to Medicine - New!
David Bruce; Erie Times-News; 2007-04-05
Christine Heberle Comments on Drug Agent Fraud and Misconduct
Christine Heberle; NFTP listServ;  2006-05-30
Troubles Linger for Acquitted Doctor Heberle
Lisa Thompson; Erie Times-News; 2006-05-30.
Christine Heberle Comments on the Acquittal of her Husband
Christine Heberle; PSP  listServ; of the Pain Relief Network; 2006-05-28
'The Doctor Wasn't Cruel Enough' - How One Doc Escaped the Panic Over Prescription Drugs - Maia Szalavitz; ReasonOnline; 2006-06-02 Dr. Heberle is NOT GUILTY - PRN to Call for Investigation into Attorney General Misconduct - PRN Press Release, 2006-05-22
Doctor [Heberle] Gains Acquittal, and, Jury Ponders [Dr. Heberle's] Fate
Lisa Thompson; Erie Times-News; 2006-05-22 and 23
Pain Relief Network in Erie, PA collection - PRN; 2006, and,  
Pain Politics - archives of over 120 persecuted pain docs - OCPM; 2006
Painkillers Had Medical Purpose - Closing Arguments to Begin
Ed Palattella; Erie Times-News; Last changed: 2006-05-19
Time Running Out for Erie Pain Patients: PRN Calls on Sen. Specter to Stop the Madness - Siobhan Reynolds, PRN, 2005-05-02
Doc [Heberle] Defends Himself: Says He Properly Prescribed
Ed Palattella; Erie Times-News; Last changed: 2006-05-18
[Dr. Heberle's] Trial Becomes Battle Of Experts
Ed Palattella; Erie Times-News; Last changed: 2006-05-16
Patients Defend Doctor [Heberle], Bemoan Loss of Drugs
David Bruce; Erie Times-News; 2005 (from PRN - new window will open)
Patients Rally for Erie Pa. Pain Doctor Paul Heberle, and,

Dr. Heberle Investigated by DEA and Attorney General - Jet-TV News; 2005
AG Corbett and DA Foulk Announce Charges against Erie County Doctor [Heberle] for Illegally Prescribing Drugs - AG Press Release, 2005-05-31
[Federal and State] Agents Seize Pain Doctor's Records
David Bruce; Erie Times-News; Last changed: 2005-04-14
The Heberle Perp-Poster (PDF)
Released by the Pennsylvania AG's Office,  2005-05-31
Erie Doctor [Heberle] Investigated by DEA & Attorney General
JET-TV Action News 24; Air date: 2005-04-13
Dr. Klees Facing 44 years in Prison for Overdosing Patients, and,  
Dr. Klees Sentenced to 12-24 Years -
Jet-TV news: 2005-01-25 and 26
Treating Doctors as Drug Dealers - DEA's War on Prescription Painkillers
Ronald Libby, professor: Univ. of North Florida; Cato Policy Analysis, #545, 2005
War on Drugs, War on Doctors, and the Pain Crisis in America
Alexander DeLuca, M.D., MPH; doctordeluca.com; 2004

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Originally posted: 2006-05-27

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Modified: 2007-04-14
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