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WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS Special Resource Collection #14:

The 'Sex for Drugs' Trials of Dr. Bernard Rottschaefer   


Compiled by: Alexander DeLuca, M.D.; Addiction, Pain, & Public Health website (; Posted: 2006-09-24;  New! -  2007-04-21 - New!.
[Major Contributor: the expert membership of the Pain Relief Network, 'a think-tank that does things']
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Buchanan's Star Witness goes to Jail
Alex DeLuca; 2007-12-21
Stutsman Explains Basis of Dr. Rottschaefer’s Second Motion for a New Trial - Stutsman; TPPCD listServ; 2006-09-06
Drugs-for-Sex-Case Doc Claims Reversal of Misfortune
Charlie Deitch; Pittsburgh City Paper; 2006-08-21
Chronic Pain Politics - Extensive List of Targeted Docs
Our Chronic Pain Mission;; 2006-08-08
Sex-for-Drugs Case [Dr. Rottschaefer] Tries Top Court
Charlie Deitch; Pittsburgh City Paper; 2006-08-17
Sad: Dr. Rottschaefer Appeal Denied
Radley Balko; The Agitator; 2006-04-28
Doc's [Bernard Rottschaefer] Drug Verdict Fought
Jason Cato; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; 2006-02-28
Assisted-Suicide Ruling May Affect Painkiller Cases
Marc Kaufman; Washington Post, A04; 2006-01-22
New! - USA v. Rottschaefer - 2nd Appeal for New Trial Denied (PDF)
Gary L. Lancaster, District Judge - Western PA; 2006-12-30
Sex, Lies and OxyContin
John Tierney; New York Times Op-Editorial; 2006-01-24
Brief in Support of Rottschaefer's 2nd Motion for a New Trial (PDF) 
Ceraso, Green, and Stutsman; 2006-09-13
The Outrageous Case of Dr. Bernard Rottschaefer
Radley Balko; The Agitator; 2005-08-30
Third Circuit Denies Dr. Rottschaefer Appeal (PDF)
Judge Rendell et. al; 2006
Convicted Physician Seeking New Trial in Sex-for-Pills Case
Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; 2005-03-05

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Originally posted:  2006-09-24

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