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War on Pain Sufferers Special Resource Collection #3
Medical Marijuana: 2000 - 2006
Compiled by A. DeLuca, M.D., MPH; Addiction, Pain, and Public Health website -; 2005-08-29; Modified: 2008-01-15.
Most recent additions: 2006-06-15 = "New!"

"Drug war posturing should not be permitted to obstruct... pharmaceutical development... especially when it comes to researching a drug with well-founded potential to reduce chronic suffering."

 [R. Dobins, President, MAPS]

Compiled by: Alexander DeLuca, M.D.; Addiction, Pain, & Public Health website (; Posted: 2005-08-29; Modified: 2008-01-15- New!
[Major Contributor:
the expert membership of the Pain Relief Network, 'a think-tank that does things']
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THE WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS Special Collections - Table of Contents and Introduction

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Alexander DeLuca, M.D.

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Originally posted:  2005-08-29

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