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WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS Special Resource Collection #4: The Dr. William Hurwitz Collection   
December 15th, 2004, Dr. William Hurwitz was sentenced to federal prison, likely for the rest of his life. Billy Hurwitz is my friend, and he was the best of us docs who would, with all the knowledge and skill and compassion we could muster, try to help those who suffer physical and emotional pain. The trial of William Hurwitz was (wrongly) about the particulars of his medical practice. The appeal is in part about the viability of pain medicine and addiction medicine as ethical professional disciplines.
[Alexander DeLuca, M.D.; 2004-12-16 / 2005-09-27]


Compiled by Alexander DeLuca, M.D.; Addiction, Pain, & Public Health website (; Posted: 2005-09-01.
New! -  2007-05-12  - New!.
[Major Contributor: the expert membership of the Pain Relief Network, 'a think-tank that does things']
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Alexander DeLuca; 2005
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Hurwitz Trial Updates: 12/3/04; 12/4/04; 12/7/04; 12/8/04; 12/9/04; 12/10/04; 12/13/04; 12/14/04; 12/15/2004-Fisher, Reynolds, Passik, Borden
THE PATHOLOGICAL DEA - Aftermath of the DEA FAQ Debacle
compiled by Alex DeLuca, 2006

Regarding Dr. Hurwitz's Case: Response to the Wash. Post
Joel Hochman, M.D., NFTP, 2002-12-16

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Larry O’Dell; AP / Richmond Times-Dispatch; 2006-03-17
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William Hurwitz, M.D. Drug Policy Foundation, 1997-10-18
Billy's Lament  and  The Appeal 
Poems by William Hurwitz; Arlington County Detention Center; 2005
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William Hurwitz, George Mason Law School, 1992
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Drug War Chronicle #382; 2005-04-15
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Tina Rosenberg; Editorial Observer; New York Times; 2005-03-26
Hurwitz Appeal Decision: Sentence Vacated, New Trial
Widener, Traxler, and Currie; 4th Circuit Court of Appeals; 2006-08-22
The War on Pain Sufferers
Sheldon Richman; The Price of Liberty weblog; 2005-02-15
Brief of Appellant William Eliot Hurwitz
Robbins, Russell, & Taaffe; 2005 (Summer) [260 KB PDF]
Attorneys General to DEA on Vanishing Pain FAQ - 2005-01-19
Final Comment of AG's: DEA Actions Against MD's - 2005-03-21
Amicus Curiae - Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
Andrew L. Schlafly, Attorney for Amicus Curiae; AAPS; 2005-09-06
Conflict Over Pain Management Heats Up - Drug War Chronicle #368; 2004
The Amazing Vanishing DEA FAQ - Drug War Chronicle, #358; 2004
American Pain Foundation, National Pain Foundation, and National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain Brief - S. Rosenthal, 2005
 White House [OMB] Report Stings Drug Agency [DEA] on Abilities
Eric Lichtblau; NYT; 2003-02-05
Six Past-Presidents of the APS Express Concern Regarding "Serious Misrepresentations" in Testimony of Govt Expert Witness Dr. Ashburn
2 [Virginia] Docs [Hurwitz and Statkus] Linked to Deluge Of Drugs
Josh White, Washington Post, 2002-12-23
Comments of Frank Fisher Prior to Hurwitz Sentencing
Frank Fisher; PRN Press Conference; 2005-04-14
Classic:  No Relief in Sight - Jacob Sullum, Reason Online, 1997
Deadly Morals -
Katherine Finkelstein, Playboy, 1997
Reynolds / PRN Letter to Judge Wexler on Behalf of Dr. Hurwitz
Siobhan Reynolds; President, Pain Relief Network; 2005-04-03
 New! - State and DEA To Pain Patients: Drop Dead
David Borden; DCRNet; 1996
Letter to Judge Wexler in Support of Dr. Hurwitz
Alexander DeLuca, M.D., MPH; 2005-02-05

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