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The Trials of Dr. Frank Fisher: the Cost of Exoneration
WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS - Special Collection #7

Compiled by:
Alexander DeLuca, M.D. and the Pain Relief Network,; 2006-06-23; Modified: 2007-12-26
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Pain Killer
Frank Fisher, M.D., Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin; Winter, 2006
Dr. Fisher Announces Opening of His New Medical Practice
Grand Opening Eel Valley Rural Health Clinic; 2007-07-20
Dr. Heberle Defends Himself - Fisher Testifies as Expert for Defense
Ed Palattella; Erie Times-News; 2006-05-18

Unraveling the Paradigm of 'Balance' - Fisher; PRN; 2005-07-29
Fisher's Comments on Dr. Fishman's Pain Treatment Does Not Equal Drug Abuse

  Pain Treatment Does Not Equal Drug Abuse
Scott M. Fishman, M.D.; LTE, Wall Street Journal, A11; 2005-07-28

Impact of the War on Patients in Montana
Frank Fisher, M.D.; Pain Relief Network listServ; 2005-07-08

Fisher Comments Prior to Sentencing of Hurwitz to 25 Years
Frank Fisher, M.D.; PRN Press Conference, Alexandria, VA; 2005-04-14
Fisher's Hurwitz Trial Updates - Call for Support; 2004-12-03
2004-12-04 ; 2004-12-08 ; 2004-12-10 ; 2004-12-14

Weighing the Difference between Treating Pain and Dealing Drugs
Tina Rosenberg; Editorial Observer; New York Times; 2005-03-26

Fisher on Civil Jury Finding Knox Not at Fault for Patient Death
Frank Fisher, M.D.; Pain Relief Network listServ; 2006-02-24.
Doctors Behind Bars: Treating Pain Is Now Risky Business
Sally Satel, M.D.; New York Times, Essay; 2004-10-19
Fisher Comments on the Conviction of Dr. Jorge Martinez
Frank Fisher, M.D.; Pain Relief Network listServ; 2006-01-14.
On Capitol Hill, Pain Treatment Advocates Call on Congress to Help Patients, Restrain DEA - Drug War Chronicle, #356; 2004-10-01 ACADEMIC and LEGAL DOCUMENTS
Dr. Feelscared - Drug Warriors Put the Fear of Prosecution in Docs Who Dare to Treat Pain - Maia Szalavitz; Reason; 2004 The Collapse of Medical Ethics and Standards for Pain Management
Frank Fisher, M.D.; Drug Cops and Docs conference, Cato Institute; 2005-09-09
Doctors, Patients, Latest Drug War Casualties *
Radley Balko; FOXNews.com; 2004-09-23
Treating Doctors as Drug Dealers - DEA's War on Prescription Painkillers
Ronald T. Libby; Cato Institute, #545; 2005-06-16
California Pharmacist to Go on Trial for Filling Oxycontin Prescriptions
Drug War Chronicle, #343, 2004-06-25
Experts Worry about Chilling Effect of Fed Regs on Treating Pain [PDF] *
Charles Schmidt; Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 97(8); 2005-04-20
No Convictions - But His Practice is in Ruins
Eric Snider,  Weekly Planet, 2004-06-21
The Myth of Available Pain Care
Congressional Testimony of Frank Fisher, M.D.; Washington DC; 2004-09-18
Drug War Chronicle Interview: Frank Fisher, MD
Drug War Chronicle #339; 2004-05-28
Evaluating the Risks of Unwarranted Prosecution - The Criminalization of Pain Management [PDF] * - Fisher; J. American Physicians & Surgeons; Winter, 2004
Charges in Fisher Medi-Cal Case Tossed; Re-filing Expected
Staff Reporter; The San Francisco Chronicle, 2003-01-15

Interpretation of "Aberrant" Drug-Related Behaviors [PDF]
Frank Fisher, M.D., J. American Physicians & Surgeons; Spring, 2004.

Regarding Dr. Hurwitz's Case: Response to the Wash. Post
Joel Hochman, M.D., NFTP, 2002-12-16
Surviving the War on Drugs - Survival Guide for Pain-Treating Physicians [PDF] Frank Fisher, M.D.; ?Date?*
Ordeal of the Pain Docs: Fisher Struggles to Clear Name, Trial Date Set
DRCNet, Issue #258, 2002-10-11.
An Ethical Analysis of the Barriers to Effective Pain Management
Ben Rich; Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics; 2000
  Chronic Pain and Opioids - Debunking the Myths
Frank Fisher, M.D.; ?Date?
Drug Warriors Arrest Pain Doctor - The Website of Dr. Frank Fisher War on Drugs, War on Doctors, and the Pain Crisis in America
Alexander DeLuca, M.D., MPH; doctordeluca.com; 2004-06-04

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Originally posted: 2007-07-22

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