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Doctor [McIver] Prescribed Painkillers Illegally

Staff reporter
; (SC); 2006-02-26. Posted: 2006-02-26.
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COLUMBIA - An Upstate doctor has been found guilty of providing high doses of painkillers to patients, acting U.S. Attorney Jonathan Gasser said Wednesday.

A federal jury on Tuesday convicted Dr. Ronald A. McIver, 61, of Hodges, of eight counts of distribution of controlled substances and one count of conspiracy. Dr. McIver is awaiting sentencing.

Prosecutors said Dr. McIver, an osteopathic doctor, prescribed painkillers such as oxycodone and methadone to addicts and abusers. An expert for the prosecution who had reviewed Dr. McIver's medical files testified that he was prescribing drugs for illegitimate purposes.

Dr. McIver operated a pain therapy clinic in Greenwood from 2001 until April 2004.



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Originally posted: 2006-02-26

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