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[The Sad History of Mr. Shealy] - an ADDENDUM to:

U.S.A. v. McIver, Reply Brief of the Appellant, Record # 05-4884, Filed: 2006-02-24

John P. Flannery; Addendum:
U.S.A. v. McIver, Reply Brief of the Appellant, Record # 05-4884; Filed: 2006-02-24

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Introductory Comment by Siobhan Reynolds,
President, Pain Relief Network, as published on PRN's Pain and Social Policy listServ, 2006-02-25

"This is the sad history of Mr. Larry Shealy. God rest his soul.
"Mr. Shealy is a man Dr. McIver was accused by the government of killing.
"When you look at his record you can plainly see that the government had created a world, through its enforcement strategy, where Mr. Shealy was driven to suicide by the doctors' unwillingness to titrate his medicines until he obtained relief. Because he was roundly disapproved of for not getting relief from Codeine, he was labeled an addict."

1.  1987 Reference to Lawrence Shealy's past suicide attempt. 5/29/87 to 6/2/87 - (SelfMem 23) Detox Admission to Self Memorial Hospital, referencing suicide attempt.

2.  1996 History of Lawrence Shealy's addiction. 2/11/96 - (SelfMem 3-4) - Letter from family physician, Dr. Mitchell, to Dr. Gus Bazan with the pain treatment clinic at Self Memorial Hospital, detailing addiction history.

3.  2002 Memo that Lawrence Shealy has contemplated suicide with thoughts of how to make it appear an accident. 3/25/02- (Shealy L.D. 133-135) - McIver's treatment record.

4.  5/15/03 - Lawrence Shealy states that his family would be better off without him. (RFP 73 and Riley 10). Family physician, Dr. Mitchell's treatment record reflecting Mr. Shealy's sentiment two weeks before his suicide; Dr. Mitchell prescribes Zyprexa and Paxil.

5.  5/28/03- Lawrence Shealy admits to "prolonged recurrence of his depressed feelings," lack of energy, and pain, at the worse, at "6" on a scale of 1 to 10, and upon awakening from sleep, he feels like he'd "been beaten with a stick" because of his pain. (Shealy, L.D. 345-347) McIver's treatment record indicating that patient had been placed on an anti-depressant; McIver attempts to make contact with family physician, Dr. Mitchell, to determine the antidepressant.



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Originally posted: 2006-02-25

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