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THE WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS - Special Collection #1:
Montana, 2005 - the War on Sick People
PRN Draws the Line Against Vindictive DEA Prosecutions: Billings, Montana
"The war on drugs has become a war on sick people, a war on patients, and the doctors are caught in the crossfire."  [Dr. Frank Fisher, PRN press conference, Billings, 2005-07-09]

Compiled by: Alexander DeLuca, M.D.; Addiction, Pain, & Public Health website (; Posted: 2005-07-11; Modified: 2007-04-19 - New!
Major Contributor: the expert membership of the Pain Relief Network, 'a think-tank that does things'.
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THE WAR ON PAIN SUFFERERS Special Collections - Index (Table of Contents) and Introduction
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Pain & Social Policy listServ

DEA Remaining Mum [2 Years After] Raid on Dr. Nelson's Office
Diane Cochran; Billings Gazette; 2007-04-19

Reynolds and DeLuca of PRN Comment on Nelson Case
Reynolds and DeLuca; PRN; 2006/2007

DEA 'Silent' 1 Year After Office Raid, Doctor [Nelson] Says
Diane Cochran; Billings Gazette; 2006-04-29

Letter to Sen. Baucus Clarifying PRN Petition for Congressional Hearings into DEA Practices & Outcomes -by Gregg Wilkinson; PRN; 2004-07-11

DEA's Opioid Policy Discussed [in Montana]
Diane Cochran; Billings Gazette; 2005-12-03

Impact of the War on Patients in Montana
Frank Fisher, M.D.; Pain & Social Policy listServ; PRN; 2005-07-08

Why Is The DEA Hounding This Doctor [Richard Nelson]?
by Margot Roosevelt; Time Magazine; 2005-07-17
Dr. Frank Fisher Denounces 'War on Patients'
by Diane Cochran; Billings Gazette; 2005-07-09
Pain Patients Assured They Can Get Help 
by Diane Cochran; 2005-07-01 (See: )

The Myth of Available Pain Care
Congressional Testimony of Frank Fisher, M.D.; Washington DC; 2004-09-18

DEA Raid on Doctor [Nelson] Brings Pain Wars to Montana
David Borden, Editor: Drug War Chronicle #392; 2005-06-24
War on Drugs, War on Doctors, & the Pain Crisis in America
Alexander DeLuca, M.D., MPH; 2004
Pain Sufferers Rally for [Senator] Baucus' Support
by Brad Fieldheim; Billings Gazette; 2005-06-18
Treating Doctors as Drug Dealers - The DEA's War on Prescription Painkillers by R. Libby, Cato Policy Analysis #545; 2005-06-16
 In Search of Relief  / DEA Accused of Targeting Pain Docs
by Diane Cochran; 2005-06-11 / 2005-06-16

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Originally posted: 2005-07-11

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