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4/29/2003  - 
naltrexone and eating disorders
3/18/2002  - 
alcohol abuse vs. dependence & naltrexone references
1/15/2002  - all Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone references
   - all Buprenorphine references

Alcohol Abuse vs. Dependence & Different  Naltrexone Regimens HTML 241 K 63 3/02 alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, naltrexone, extinction, abstinence
Buprenorphine as a detox medication HTML 71 K 49 12/01 buprenorphine, detoxification as Text Words
Buprenorphine in the treatment of substance abuse HTML 52 K 24 12/01 buprenorphine as Text Word <and> substance abuse treatment as Keyword <not> detox* as Keyword
Clozapine & Cocaine HTML   189 K 38 1/2001 clozapine,  cocaine

Clozapine & Nicotine

HTML 44 K 10 1/2001 clozapine, nicotine
Cocaine Vaccine HTML 37 K 8 2/2001 cocaine, vaccine as Title Words
Controlled (moderate) Drinking HTML 85 K 139 11/01 controlled drinking,  moderate drinking, moderation management as Title Words
Complete (Medline) works of Dr. Don Des Jarlais - includes classic work documenting the extent of the association of HIV and IV drug use. HTML 323 K 178 4/2001 Author = Des Jarlais
Zip 81 K

GHB withdrawal and detoxification

HTML 23K 14 11/01 GHB, detox* and withdrawal

GHB for alcohol detox

HTML 19 K 11 11/01 GHB, alcohol*,withdrawal

GHB - all references

HTML 80 K 74 11/01 GHB as Title Word
Zip 29 K


HTML   1401 K 332 1/2001 mdma, ecstasy (as Title Words)
Zip 184 K

Naltrexone & Craving

HTML   349 K 75 1/2001 naltrexone, craving
Naltrexone/Coke/Crave HTML   337 K 6 1/2001 naltrexone, craving, cocaine
Naltrexone and Eating Disorders HTML 17.8 K 10 6//2001 & 4/2003 naltrexone and eating disorders
Naltrexone Induced Opiate Sensitivity HTML 25.5 K 9 6//2001 naltrexone, overdose, sensitivity, death
Naltrexone use rarely  associated with liver damage. HTML 19 K 6 2/2001 naltrexone, hepatic toxicity
Ultra Low Dose naltrexone HTML 20.5 K 8 1/02 naltrexone, pain, substance withdrawal syndrome

Ondansetron for alcohol

HTML 15 K 7 1/2001 ondansetron, alcohol*

Opioid rotation, cross tolerance,  hyperalgesia

HTML 9 K 7 10/01 opioid, tolerance, chronic pain, methadone

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